Experienced Land Development & Government Approvals Attorney Serving Austin & Central Texas

Land development is an exciting area of the real estate market, one that opens up a great deal of opportunity for our neighbors in the Austin area to find the home of their dreams or open a business with a lively storefront and just the right amount of storage space. Let our team help you through the headaches of the endless government approvals that come along with developing residential or commercial projects.

Our Areas of Focus

Our experienced team brings years of expertise in working on approvals, permits, zoning subdivision, and site plans. We have worked with a number of government agencies including the City of Austin, surrounding municipalities, counties, and MUDs. Whether you are just starting your project and need legal counsel to review prospective purchase contracts or are nearing completion and need a team to negotiate the sale of your property, we are here to help.

Decades of Experience in Real Estate Law

Real estate is a core competency for our team and we encourage you to look at our other practice areas to see how our team can deliver a seamless experience across all phases of your project from the evaluation of land, issuing residential or commercial leases, and selling a property. Our other service offerings include:

  • Drafting governing documents, certificates of formation, declarations, bylaws, community rules, design guidelines, easements, enforcement of deed and use restrictions, and maintenance agreements
  • Contract negotiation with investment partners, management companies, contractors, vendors, etc.

Get the Help You Need Now

We realize that time is spent waiting on approvals of documents means each carrying costs and delaying other opportunities which is why we have built our practice to give our clients a one-stop shop for all of their land development and real estate needs.

The Weichert Law Firm serves represents Austin and central Texas clients in cases pertaining to land development and government approval cases. Contact our office today at (512) 263-2666 to schedule a consultation with an experienced general practice lawyer.